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Smart search engine
for university expertise

Integrating our AI powered search into your website helps your potential partners and colleagues to find the experts working for you and research and equipment you offer.

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Sell services

Offer services such as contractual research or renting equipment. Make offers more attractive with references (outcomes) and associated assets.


Our AI powered widgets adapt to visitors and drive them towards conversion. Tailored marketing campaigns can attract the right visitors and boost revenue.


Attract Collaborations

Present your assets (experts, projects, patents, research outcomes) online and offer collaboration to potential project partners or business customers.

Who are we

Our customizable, AI powered widgets can be used in multiple places on your website and intranet. Everything is managed and updated from a single database - you don't have to worry about data inconsistency.

Our smart dashboard helps you see real-time information that is not commonly available, such as expert profiling, notifications about new outcomes, new collaborations, etc.

We provide all necessary legal materials; our solution is secure and meets all required data protection standards such as GDPR.

How it works

Our Modules


Manage experts belonging to your organization and their profiles.

Research outcomes

Make outcomes of researchers associated with your organization more visible.

Research projects

Showcase your fundamental and applied research projects, share contract research results.


Let investors know which technologies and spinoffs are worth their interest.


Advertise unique equipment and services provided by your organization.


Make your departments, research groups, labs, or member organizations more visible.


Advertise expert lectures offered by your organization on a commercial basis.


Show potential collaborators, colleagues or students what your experts can supervise.


Offer various opportunities including job positions, internships, theses, industrial Ph.D. topics and others.

Our Moduls
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